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WHY Trap Instructions (PDF)
Helpful Hint: When baiting the top chamber, add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid to the water. This will help coat the insects' wings and make it harder for them to fly once trapped.
Where should I place the trap?

Hang the trap outside at least 20 feet from any outdoor living areas to draw wasps, hornets and yellowjackets away. In general, hanging the trap closer to a house, deck or other structure will draw more paper wasps since they frequent those areas for nest building sites and materials. If a nest location is known, the WHY Trap should be placed at least 20 feet away.

It is best to avoid placing the trap inside bushes or trees surrounding the trap. Open-air locations will allow the attractant scents to release freely and will yield better catches.

If it's too cold outside, and I see wasps inside, can I place the WHY Trap inside?

No; the WHY Trap is intended to be used outdoors only. If you are seeing a wasp, yellowjacket or hornet inside the house in the early spring, it could be a queen that is just waking up from hibernation. Once they start flying outside, you can catch them with the WHY Trap.

What time of year should I use the trap?

As soon as the daytime temperatures hit 70 degrees on a consistent basis, the queens will start emerging from hibernation to look for new nest sites. Paper wasp queens are the first to start flying. You can begin using the WHY Trap at this time to catch the queens, and continue using it all spring and summer and into fall to catch the workers.

Once the queens have already begun building their nests in spring, there will likely be a period of lower catches until the worker populations begin to emerge.

Where can I purchase refill attractant for the WHY Trap?

If the store where you purchased the WHY Trap does not have the Attractant refills, your best bet may be to order them online. You can find a list of online retailers here.

Will the WHY Attractant work in my Yellowjacket Trap?

No; the WHY Trap is designed with two chambers and two entrances to keep the attractants separated. If combined in a trap with one entrance, the three attractants in the WHY Attractant Kit will cancel each other out.

Is there something I can put in the WHY Trap to rebait it, instead of using the WHY Attractant Kit?

Sorry, but no. It took us six years in our lab to come up with the right formula to lure all 21 species of insects, and although the ingredients are naturally-occurring, they are created by chemists and cannot be replicated with anything you would find in your refrigerator or pantry.

Will the trap work on bees?

Our product is not targeted at bees because they are beneficial for pollination. The attractant in the WHY Trap is not appealing to bees.

I've used your Reusable Yellowjacket Trap before and I like the long-lasting cartridge. Will you eventually have a longer-lasting attractant for the WHY Trap?

Yes! That's what our scientists are working on right now. We hope to have a longer-lasting WHY Trap Attractant Kit on the market within the next two years.

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